The Best Supplies To Bring Along On Your Ice Fishing Trip

The same bait, tackle-box and even fishing chair can be used to be used to ice fish on a frozen lake or off the side of a pier at summer's end. However, you need to prepare yourself for the elements if you want to catch a good number of fish to dine on later. While ice fishing you need to protect your hands from developing frostbite, your head from letting off too much body heat, and your feet from the cold water that will come up out of the hole as you reel an especially big fish. So grab all of the essentials and learn how you can catch fish that are most abundant in cold weather.

Rod and Reel Combos

If you are going to be ice fishing out in the open you want to have supplies that are ready to go in advance. Ice fishing rod and reel combos are put together so that you don't have to fumble around, swapping out and threading reels before you can cast a line. You can also pick up all of your fish supplies and put them in your vehicle after you are done ice fishing as ice fishing rod and reel combos. You can also choose a jigging rod and reel combo so that you are able to attract fish that swim far under the water and more comfortably reel in your catch.

Live Bait and Lures

The purpose of utilizing live bait when fishing is so that it can capture the attention of fish passing by with its movement. If you put a live earthworm on the end of ice fishing rod and reel combos, you will quickly be left with frozen bait. Even though ice fisherman will need to change live bait more regularly, you can keep a line cast longer if you choose your specimens wisely.

If you  have had good luck with using lures in warm weather you want to stick to what you know when ice fishing. Put the right type of lures on your ice fishing rod and reel combos and there will be plenty of fishing biting away. Be careful when you select lures that have movable parts as the cold water could cause them to freeze and break away. Ultimately, your lures should be approved for use in cold water and it can also help to give them a firm tug prior to attaching them to your fishing hooks. Contact a tackle shop, like Extreme Tackle, for more help.

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