Hunting Old School: Advantages Of Still Using Two-Way Radios Instead Of Cell Phones

Modern technology like cell phones have done a lot to help replace a lot of things in the past. A single phone can be used to jot notes, make appointments, create calculations, and access all other types of tools. Just because a phone has the technology to to complete these tasks does not mean that it is the best option for our needs. This is especially true when it comes to hunting. If you're looking for an easy way to communicate with other hunters while in the forest, then it's best to keep it old school and use two-way radios. Also known as a walkie-talkie, the simple devices have multiple advantages over cell phones when it comes to hunting. Learning about them can help you make a decision on your next big purchase.

Two-Way Radio Range

One of the more impressive things about purchasing a two-way radio is the wide that they have. Newer versions of these devices will often cover spans of over 30 miles, no matter what type of terrain you are in. This can really make a huge difference if you're up in the mountains or deep within a thick forest. With a cell phone, you do not know exactly what type of signal you will receive. It can be tricky to find a consistent connection and have the ability to make clear calls.

Instant Connections

When using a cell phone to make a call, you have to dial the number, wait for it to ring, and then hope you have a good enough signal to connect. With a two-way radio, you have the ability to create an instant connection that allows you to contact another hunter and get the information in a matter of seconds. This quick connect can help save a lot of time and also allows you to be more hands free as you focus on finding various animals to hunt.

Dedicated Channels

Not only can you instantly connect with other hunters on your trip, but you have the ability to have your own private channel that no one can interrupt. This makes it a lot easier to connect on the same call and have the proper access that you need. Newer two-way radios will often feature more than 20 different channels, allowing you to select the most ideal one for your hunting needs.

Battery Life

While you are hunting int he woods, your phone battery life can easily drain and go down as it searches for a signal or gets used on a regular basis. Screen brightness and other running apps like GPS can also drain the battery. This is not the case with a two-way radios. The devices have very little to showcase on a screen and their stand-by mode uses very little power. This means that the batteries used in the walkie talkies have way more than enough power to operate for one or more hunting trips. Knowing that you have this secure battery life can make a huge difference while you're hunting.

Group Calls & Channel Scans

If you hunt with more than one other person, then there is a huge advantage when using two-way radios. Everyone with a radio can connect to the same channel and be part of a large group discussion. This makes it easier to get messages across and add details about fresh kills or locations. The two-way radios may also feature channel scans. With these scans, you can determine if anyone is active on their two-way radios. It's also a good way to access emergency content including weather reports for the nearby area. If it is a popular hunting area, then there probably is a number of weather updates to help you get through your hunting session.

By purchasing two-way radios, you can make a big difference on the way you hunt and communicate with others.

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