Three Reasons To Consider Using A Glass Water Pipe For Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana use for medicinal purposes has become legal in many states, and the use of marijuana for recreational use is now legal in many states as well. Whether you are already smoking marijuana or plan to use it in the future, you should consider using a glass water pipe to smoke it. There are several reasons for this.

The smoke is cooler and smoother

If you haven't smoked before, smoking marijuana in cigarette form can be harsh to your lungs. The smoke is hot and can cause a burning sensation. The most common reaction, though, is coughing. With a water pipe, the smoke first travels through water, so the smoke is cooled down. You'll experience the same problem with cigarettes if you only have a traditional dry pipe.

Glass is the best material for water pipes

There are many plastic water pipes available online, but you have to be careful with the specific type of plastic. Certain plastics can contain carcinogens that can pass into your lungs. This is especially true with homemade water pipes. Once people understand the basic principle of the water pipe, or bong as they are often called, they sometimes get the idea of making one themselves to save money. Usually it is a plastic material that is used, but sometimes it will be metal. You should resist the temptation to do this, and consider buying a good, glass water bong. You will avoid any potential problems with chemicals in your smoke.

Glass water pipes are easy to clean

Water pipes should be cleaned after each use, or at least cleaned once a day. The main reason for this is to prevent a buildup of resin. Traditional dry pipes are time consuming to clean. You need a solvent and pipe cleaners, and a thorough cleaning is difficult. Many glass pipes can simply be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack the way you do with your drinking glasses. This makes it easy to clean on a regular basis. Most plastic water pipes should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. The water temperatures and heat for drying are both too hot.

Whether for medicinal or recreational use, you should give strong consideration to using a glass pipe for all of the reasons listed above. Glass water pipes are easily found for sale on the internet, but they are often sold offline at smoke shops and dispensaries. 

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