Repair Your Pontoon Boat's Vinyl Seat Covers And Pack Comforts From Home Prior To A Fishing Expedition

If you own a pontoon boat and would like to host a fishing expedition for you and your cousins to partake in this fall, spruce up your boat's interior prior to leaving for the trip by repairing torn vinyl seat covers and adding comforts from home to the watercraft's interior. 


  • vinyl cleaning agent
  • soft cloths
  • waterproof floss
  • embroidery needle
  • sewing scissors
  • self-adhesive patches
  • waterproof covers
  • storage chests
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • binoculars
  • marine radio
  • first-aid kit
  • coolers
  • ice chips
  • canned beverages
  • sandwiches

Clean And Repair Torn Vinyl Before Securing Waterproof Covers

Spray or pour a vinyl cleaning agent onto a soft cloth. Move the cloth firmly across vinyl-covered seats. If portions of the vinyl are torn, take care while cleaning the covers to prevent fabric from ripping further. Dry the vinyl covers with a separate cloth. Cut a piece of waterproof floss that is several feet long. Thread one end of the waterproof floss through an embroidery needle's eye. Double the floss before knotting both ends of the thread.

Gather the edges of torn fabric and sew the damaged fabric with straight stitches. After fabric is sewn together, trim and knot the thread. Do not worry about stitching the fabric perfectly because uneven stitches won't be visible after covering mended fabric with patches. Peel the backing from each waterproof patch. Press the adhesive side of each patch firmly against mended parts of each vinyl cover. Slip waterproof seat covers over the vinyl-covered seats to protect the vinyl fabric from tearing again.

Fill Chests And Coolers With Necessities

Purchase a couple small storage chests that have lids attached to them. Fill the chests with items that may be needed during the fishing expedition. Several blankets and pillows that are brought along will allow you and your crew to lay back in a comfortable manner while waiting for fish to bite. A pair of binoculars will increase visibility while attempting to reel fish into the pontoon boat and may come in handy if you and your cousins wish to get an up close and personal look at the body of water and its natural surroundings.

A marine radio that is battery-operated will allow you and your fishing partners to remain aware of weather conditions. If you choose to pack a first-aid kit in one of the chests, minor injuries that are incurred during the outing can be treated. Place coolers next to the seats and fill the bottom of each cooler with ice chips. One cooler can be used to store fresh fish and the other cooler can be used to hold canned beverages and sandwiches. 

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