Fun Ways To Burn The Calories Away

If you have been struggling to lose weight, but really find exercise boring and simply can't force yourself to get on to a treadmill or lift weights, then you do have some alternatives. You don't have to focus all of your energy on monotonous exercise if it's really not something you're interested in. There are lots of other things you can do that are a great way to stay in shape and can help you burn calories. In fact, some of them might not even appear to be exercise at all, but they still help you burn off the calories none the less. Here's a sample of ideas to consider.

Kickboxing Class

These classes are an awesome way to burn calories, get in an awesome cardio workout, and also learn some useful self defense moves. And you don't have to worry about getting injured because most classes are no contact. That means that you won't be battling it out with other students and having to fight in hand to hand combat. What you will be doing is using heavy bags and hitting them to practice your moves.

Rock Climbing

Another cool thing to try is indoor rock climbing. This is a much safer alternative to outdoor rock climbing. It's perfect for people who are not sure about scaling a sheer rock wall in the outdoors. Aside from the fact that there will be pads, you also won't have to worry about sharp rock crevices , snakes, or spiders. The indoor rock climbing room will be the perfect place to get an amazing workout. You're going to be using your entire upper body to climb, and it's just as strenuous a workout as lifting weights. Except it is a lot more exciting.


Another great idea is to go and do some landscaping. If you're the type who loves to be outdoors, then pick a project around your home (such as installing a retaining wall, or laying a brick patio) and get started. It's certainly mentally stimulation because of the planing, but it's also a big physical endevour and you will burn lots of calories. Plus, you will be outside in the fresh air.

Break Dance Lessons

Finally, if you're someone who loves to dance, then certainly consider break dance lessons. If you've ever seen a break dance performance, then you know how exciting and fun they are. You will burn a ton of calories while the instructor shows you how to do spins, poses, and other moves. It's a full body workout as well, with handstands, and flips incorporating lots of muscle groups. Plus, it is certainly not boring like walking on a treadmill can often be.

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