Planning On Buying A Golf Cart For Neighborhood Travel? Make Sure That It Has These Things

If you're an avid golfer who is moving into a home situated along a golf course, you've got plenty of reasons to be excited. One such reason is that you can now buy your own golf cart to use during each round of play. You can load your clubs onto the cart in your garage, and then make the short drive over to the course. Many people in this scenario also enjoy using their golf cart for traveling around the neighborhood, whether it's visiting a friend a few streets away or going to the communal mailbox to pick up their mail. If you're buying a golf cart and intend to use it in this manner, make sure that it has these things:


The average golf cart isn't equipped with a windshield, and this feature isn't typically needed when you're using your cart on the golf course. However, if you plan to drive the cart around the community, a windshield will come in handy. For example, if you're traveling to a neighbor's house for dinner, you might not want the breeze coming through the front of the golf cart and messing up your hair. Similarly, if it were to rain while you're out, it's handy to have the windshield to keep you somewhat dry on the way home. Some golf carts come with folding windshields that you can put down on a nice day or put up when needed.


Headlights aren't a standard feature on golf carts, given that you don't play this sport after dark. They're a worthwhile safety feature for anyone who wishes to use a golf cart around the neighborhood, however. Just as it's not a good idea to ride a bicycle at night unless it has a headlight, you should always equip your golf cart with lights so that you can see and so that others can see you. At the same time, taillights are also valuable.

Rearview Mirrors

You seldom need a mirror on a golf cart when you're using it on the golf course, given that you're mostly in the middle of the fairway well away from any hazards. On the sidewalks of your neighborhood, however, rearview mirrors will be a valuable asset on this vehicle. You can have a mirror mounted on the inside, similar to where a vehicle's rearview mirror is situated, as well as have side mirrors affixed to the frames of your golf cart. When you adjust the mirrors to the right position, you'll have a clear idea of what's around you.

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