Tips For Making A Promotional Video For Your Skydiving School

If you run a skydiving school, one of the best ways to attract prospective students is to put together a promotional video and post it online. Embedded on your company's website, placed on YouTube, and shared on social media, this video should ideally get plenty of views and will hopefully get people excited about giving skydiving a shot. In order to make your video engaging, there are several different strategies that you should employ. Whether you hire a videographer and an editor or have someone on staff who is adept in these areas take care of the job, here are some tips to remember.

Provide First-Person Shots

It's common for skydiving students and instructors to have an action camera strapped on their body, and this camera can yield plenty of exciting footage for you to use in your school's promotional video. It's one thing to have people talking about skydiving in the video, but it's another thing altogether to show the viewers what it's like. Include footage that will get people excited, such as footage that shows the first-person view of jumping out of the airplane and tumbling toward the earth.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials are always valuable in promotional videos, and given the exciting nature of your business, you have the opportunity to include some video testimonials that will have a significant impact. Plan to interview some students, and make sure that you do so just seconds after they reach the ground. This will yield some enthusiastic, out-of-breath reactions that will draw in your viewers, and will prove to be more effective at generating interest and excitement in skydiving than testimonials of people when they're calmer and have more of a sedate response to your questions.

Explain And Show What Sets You Apart

If there are other skydiving schools that operate near you, you want your video to clearly demonstrate what sets your organization apart. The video format is ideal for not just telling your viewers why you're the best, but also showing them. For example, if you have a new fleet of airplanes, make sure to demonstrate this in the video. If your instructors are world renowned, include clips of them winning different competitions for skydiving. The more exciting you can make your finished product, the more views and shares it will get — and this can lead to more students walking through your front door to sign up for skydiving lessons.

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