Three Things To Know About Homes That Back Onto Your Local Golf Course

When you play a round at your local golf course, you'll often see homes that back onto some of the course's holes. It's easy to be envious of these homeowners — after all, they get to enjoy the serene scene of the golf course out their windows and need to take only a short walk when they wish to play a round. However, some people whose houses back onto golf courses face a variety of challenges that result from golfers who aren't informed about dealing with this situation. To make sure that you don't fall into this group, here are three things to know about dealing with the homes that back onto your local golf course.

You Shouldn't Retrieve Balls Hit Into Yards

Sometimes, an errant tee shot or approach shot will sail off the fairway and land into a resident's backyard. In many cases, you'll be able to clearly see your ball and you may wish to play it from where it lies. This is a bad idea for multiple reasons. For starters, hitting your ball off someone's lawn will likely create a divot, which will be an unpleasant surprise the next time the homeowner goes outside. Additionally, you'll be trespassing. Even if you don't like the idea of losing your ball, you should never climb the fence and step foot on someone's private property. Instead, drop a ball from near the location and resume your round of play.

Be Mindful When You Shoot

People who buy homes next to the golf course don't want to deal with broken windows caused by golfers who wouldn't control their shots. If you're on the fairway and there are several homes looming ahead on your right — and you often slice the ball — be mindful of this. You'll either want to select a club with which you don't slice as much or aim your body significantly to your left to compensate for the slice.

You Don't Need To Be Mr. Sociable

Occasionally, you'll be playing a ball near a resident's backyard and the homeowners will be outside. Even if you're a friendly person, resist the urge to head over to the fence and strike up a conversation. Remember, people relaxing in their backyard expect a degree of privacy and probably don't want to make small talk with the dozens of golfers who pass by each day. While you can nod, smile, or say hello if the resident does the same to you, it's not poor etiquette to simply ignore him or her.

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