Training Your First Falcon: What To Know

If you've always admired falcons and want to try your hand with training one, it can seem easier than it actually is. In order to own and train one of these majestic birds, you need to have patience and time to do so effectively. You'll also need to understand about these points.

1-You'll Need a Permit

Permits are required in most municipalities if you want to have a falcon on your property. These birds are often considered birds of prey, and without a permit, you're opening yourself up to possible fines and legal trouble. Visit your town municipal building and inquire about the types of permits you may need.

2-You Can Benefit from a Mentor

Even if you're watched videos or read books about owning a falcon, you may need help with all the particulars. Having a mentor is not only good for you but the falcon; you can protect your raptor and have it adjust to your property better when you've got the help of someone who has done it before.

3-You Need Equipment

Having the bird around requires more than a cage. Most falcons need a fully enclosed mew in which to fly and walk. You should also have more than one glove on hand, as well as tethering equipment that will allow you to transport and handle the bird safely. You might also want a vest so that you can store food and other items.

4-Your Bird Must Be "Weathered"

If you aren't someone who can spend time each day with your falcon, you may want to reconsider ownership. These birds need to be out on the porch, in an enclosed shelter or outside in another capacity as much as possible. If you're hoping to allow your falcon to fly, the bird must be allowed to stretch their wings and adjust to the environment.

5-You Must Work on Weight Control

It's sometimes surprising to first-time falcon owners that their birds do not return to their property out of sincere affection for their owner or because they want to rest at home. Most of the time, they return to their home because that's where a reliable food source is. For that reason, they must be somewhat hungry when you let them go. That's why you need to work on reducing your bird's weight before allowing them to fly away. Your mentor can help you do this safely and without harming the bird. Many owners include vitamin supplements in their falcon's diet to ensure they maintain their nutrient load.

Falcon ownership can be exciting. Knowing as much as you can before buying a falcon will help enhance the experience. For more information, contact a company like Flint Hills Falcons LLC today.

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