Benefits Of Having Students Develop Their Own Routine For The Tumbling Recital

When you run tumbling classes for young athletes, the curriculum frequently culminates with a recital that the parents can attend. Much of what you do throughout the series of classes will prepare the children for this event, which can have a series of different performances. While you'll probably have specific plans for tumbling routines at the recital, it doesn't hurt to allow the children to develop their own routine. One approach is to give the students a short period of time at the end of each class for this purpose. Even a short, student-led part of the recital can be a favorite for your students and for their parents. Here are some benefits of having your tumbling students develop their own routine for the recital.

It Bolsters Their Creativity

While it's important for your students to be able to precisely follow your instructions as they perform different tumbling activities, it can also be fun to allow them to be creative. One way to accomplish this goal is to challenge your young tumblers to develop their own recital routine. They may go in a completely different direction than the routines that you've been teaching, and that's OK. You'll definitely get some enjoyment out of seeing how creative your students are, and which ones are particularly flourishing in this scenario.

It Challenges Them

A student who works with his or her peers to develop a tumbling routine will definitely encounter some challenges — and that's a good thing. Students will have the opportunity to identify and overcome all sorts of challenges, including physical challenges. For example, it's important for a tumbling routine to be graceful, so the students will need to assess how well they can transition from one maneuver into another with some degree of grace. When they come up against issues, your students will learn adaptability and be open to making changes.

It Allows You To See What They've Learned

Students who can effectively develop their own tumbling routine for the class's recital will typically show you that they've learned a lot in your program. As an instructor, it's valuable for you to see this proof. For example, it's one thing for your students to follow what you say, but another thing altogether for them to take various lessons that you've taught and implemented them in their own way. You may even find inspiration in watching the enthusiasm that is present in your students as they work through their custom routine.

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