Visiting Bremerton, Washington Cannabis Dispensaries: What You Should Know Before You Shop

Washington State has some restrictions on marijuana possession and use. It is not as lax as some other states, such as Florida and Alaska, but it has made recreational and medicinal use legal. If you want to visit any cannabis dispensary in Bremerton Peninsula in Washington, you will need to abide by the laws of the state for marijuana possession and use or suffer the repercussions when caught. The following information is provided for your safe and legal enjoyment of this substance while visiting this state.

Sixteen Ounces (One Pound) of "Edibles"

It can be candy, chocolate bars, brownies, cakes, etc., but you cannot purchase and keep more than sixteen ounces of "solid-infused" marijuana product. Some dispensaries will sell only the plant's leaves and buds, but other dispensaries sell edibles as well. Make sure your purchases are clearly marked on the wrappers, or weighed and tagged on a scale. 

Marijuana Paraphernalia

It is not illegal in Washington to own a bong, a pipe, and so on. Whatever you use to consume or smoke the marijuana is perfectly legal to carry on your person. It is also perfectly legal to have it out in the open in your home, even when police have entered to talk to you about something totally unrelated. 

Seventy-Two Ounces of Marijuana-Infused Product

Typically, this refers to CBD oil, hash oil, or marijuana-infused cooking oil. Some people use this for cooking, some will ingest it straight, and others may use it as an external body rub. It was one of the first products made legal for medicinal use, but it is now available for recreational use as well. 

One Ounce of Marijuana

The authorities and powers-that-be in Washington decided that one ounce of leaves, buds, flowers, and seeds of marijuana was harmless when they decided to make it legal. Any more than that, and you will be charged with possession and intent to sell. One ounce is considered the "personal use" amount and therefore is the benchmark for making recreational use legal in this state. 

Age Restrictions

Most states have an age restriction on marijuana use. In Washington, you must be twenty-one years of age, the same age required to drink alcohol. In only a handful of other states are you allowed to be younger than twenty-one to smoke or consume marijuana, even if it is for medicinal purposes. You also cannot be smoking weed in public places, and tourists often get busted and fined for violating this ordinance. 

For more information, visit dispensaries like the Bremerton cannabis dispensary.

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