Three Looks To Consider For Your Taxidermy Mount

When you have an animal that you've harvested while hunting and are taking to a local taxidermy shop, you'll need to think in detail about how you want the mounted animal to look when you display it in your home. There are all sorts of different options, and the taxidermist will be able to show you examples of past projects if you need some inspiration. While the type of animal you want to be mounted will partially dictate how the project will look, you'll also need to think about what style will suit your home. Here are three different looks to think about.


One of the most common options for taxidermy is to have the animal mounted to a piece of wood. The size of the animal will influence the size of the wood, but there are several wood-related details to discuss with your taxidermist. For example, you'll want to choose the type of wood and the type of wood stain. Your taxidermist will present you with several options, so you can think about what will look best in your home, while also complementing the look of the animal. You can even decide what shape you want the wood to be. For example, a square, rectangle, or oval may look perfect with your animal.

Nature Diorama

If you want the finished product to have a little more visual appeal, you can talk to your taxidermist about a nature diorama behind and even around the animal. Instead of a plain wood base, the background will feature natural elements that are present in the animal's environment. For example, in the case of a deer, you might have a partial tree trunk and some long, preserved grasses. For a cougar, a background that features faux rocks can depict the terrain in which you harvested the animal.

Glass Dome

In the case of a smaller animal that you're taking to a taxidermy shop, one option is to have the animal encased in a glass dome. This is a popular option for smaller animals, especially if you're planning to place the finished product on a shelf or a fireplace mantel instead of mounting it to the wall. The glass dome will not only protect the animal from the hands of people who visit your home but also keep dust away from the animal. Get in touch with a local taxidermy shop to discuss these and other options for your project. 

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