Three Boats That You Can Live On

For most people, buying a boat provides them with a recreational opportunity during the summer months. There are few things that can be more enjoyable than getting together with some friends and heading out into the open water. While your boat can play an important role in how you spend your recreational time, it can also serve as residential space. A lot of people live on their boats, either for the entire year or for a stretch of time during the summer. If you love the idea of being around the water 24 hours a day, you might wish to think about buying a boat that you can live on. A number of boat types can be suitable, including the following.


As its name suggests, a houseboat is a boat that can work well as your residence. These boats are equipped with all of the features you need to live comfortably. It's easy to compare a houseboat to a small apartment or condo unit. You'll have a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and plenty of storage space. Some houseboats have two levels and an outdoor deck area, which can make them a lot more spacious than you might realize.

Cabin Cruiser

A cabin cruiser is a large boat that can also provide enough space for you to live on. The living space won't generally be as large as in a houseboat, so you might favor using a cabin cruiser as temporary housing during the summer months — essentially performing the role of a cottage. Cabin cruisers can vary in design, but they typically have multiple individual cabins below deck, providing space for you and one or more family members. Additionally, they also have a bathroom and kitchen area, and will often have an open space that can work well for lounging and entertaining.


If your budget for buying a new boat on which you can live is substantial, you may wish to shop for a yacht. While you might think of enormous boats when you hear this term, the reality is that yachts come in many different sizes and have different prices. A small yacht can provide ample space for you and your significant other, while also being a fun spot to entertain groups of friends. The layout and features of yachts vary significantly, but you can expect this boat to have all of the rooms that you'd find in a standard home. Shop for one of these boat types at your local boat dealer.

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